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Sex is an enjoyable activity and the best form of intimacy a couple can have in their relationship. While there are many tips on tricks on how to be more intimate with your partner there are other health factors to be considered after a sexual activity.

You don’t have to focus on hygiene immediately after you’ve finished a moment with your partner, but it’s important to take the proper steps some point after intimacy to make sure you’re protecting yourself and the person you are involved with.

Here are 7 things women should not do immediately after sexual intercourse.

1. You don’t need to rush to the bathroom to pee

Many people claim that you have to go to the bathroom immediately after sex. It is true that easing yourself after sex can help clear the urethral tract of any bacteria introduced during sex that can lead to painful UTIs, but you don’t need to do it right away and ruin the moment.

2. Do not shave right after sex

things not to do after sex

You’re more likely to develop irritation if you shave right after sex, this is because during sex women experience an increased blood flow to the genital area making them really sensitive.

3. Do not wash your vagina with soap

You might be tempted to cleanse your private area with soap but the truth is vaginas are self-cleaning organs, there is simply no need for us to use soaps or detergents in your privates. Clean warm water should be enough to dispel any lubricants or fluids.

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4. Avoid sleeping in Your lingerie

After sex, your skin tends to be warm and damp, thanks to perspiration, vaginal secretions, and semen. Sleeping in your underwear traps the moisture and you run the risk of a yeast infection.

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Cotton lingerie is OK because it’s breathable, but nylon, rayon, or polyester skivvies are a no-no. So you either go nude or stick to cotton underwear.

5. Not Washing Your Hands

Hand hygiene is always very important even after physical contact such as simply holding hands. Washing your hands with soap and water is really an excellent measure to protect yourself against the spread of germs.

6. Do not use wet wipes

If you’re sensitive to chemicals like alcohol, glycerin, scents, and certain oils, using a flushable wet wipe after sex can cause irritation since you’re more susceptible to skin issues after-intercourse.,.

7. Avoid dehydration

Don’t become dehydrated by forgetting to drink some water. After sex, make sure you drink a lot of water to help keep urine and any unwanted bacteria moving out of your body quickly. This helps reduce the risk of a UTI  (Urinary Tract Infections) by flushing out any unwanted bacteria.

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Diabetics Healthy Food Choices

Diabetics most common symptoms include frequent urination, intense thirst and hunger, unusual weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, male sexual dysfunction, and numbness in hands and feet.

This is why your diet has to be paid more attention to because it determines how well you can manage this health condition.

Below are some healthy meal choices

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Nigerian soups: Vegetable soup, Okra soup, Edikan Ikong, Waterleaf soup, Ogbono soup, Egusi soup, Afang soup

Healthy snacks: Garden eggs with peanut butter, Coconuts, Boiled groundnuts, Akara balls, Tiger nuts, Nigerian pear

Comfort foods: Isi ewu, Nkwobi, Cow leg, Cow tongue, Fish pepper soup, Chicken pepper soup, Snail pepper soup, Peppered snail, Liver sauce, Gizzard pepper soup

Swallow: Wheatmeal fufu, Guinea corn fufu, Unripe plantain fufu

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Stews and sauces: Tomato stew, Garden egg stew, Shredded chicken sauce, Shrimp sauce, Fresh Fish sauce or stew, Smoked fish sauce

Low carb meals: Brown basmati rice and stew, Unripe plantain porridge, Moi Moi, Boiled plantain with stew, Roasted plantain with fish sauce, Plantain with beans porridge, Beans and whole wheat bread

Healthy drinks: Zobo without sweeteners, Guinea corn (Dawa) kunu, Millet (joro) kunu, Unsweetened yoghurt

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Anti Ageing Tips

If you are interested in slowing down the process of ageing, then you have to make some changes to your lifestyle. This will ensure that you always look younger than your age.

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1. Fruits and vegetables

These are super healthy for the ageing. Some fruits contain antioxidants that help to prevent stroke and other age-related diseases.

According to studies, plant foods contain 64 times more antioxidants than animal foods. Although food is very important, there are other habits that should be changed.

2. Stop smoking

Quit smoking because the body does not heal as fast as it used to. So the more you smoke, the more you age.

3. Stop alcohol

If alcohol must be taken, take red wine instead of beer as it contains antioxidants.

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4. Exercises

Exercise at least 20 minutes in a day by participating in effective but simple exercises like walking and mild stretches. Some athletes look younger than their age because of their strict workouts and diet which makes their muscles taut and hence prevent extra skin from wrinkling and sagging.

If alcohol must be taken, take red wine instead of beer as it contains antioxidants.

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Health Benefits Of Bananas For pregnant Women

Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6 which helps with morning sickness as it has fibre, vitamin C and potassium. Banana is a fruit that no pregnant or nursing mother should ignore.

Below are some top benefits of bananas for pregnant women.

1. High source of folic acid

As often we know, the benefits of folic acid is important for pregnant women. Folic acid plays an important role in the development of nerve and brain and spinal susum. Benefits of bananas for pregnant women is to prevent folic acid deficiency that causes a baby to be  born prematurely. It also reduces the risk of birth defects.

2. Banana and anemia

Anemia in pregnant women is a common thing. One result is that anemia can cause complications during the late stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Thus requiring the benefits of sufficient iron to meet its needs. Bananas contain a sufficient level of irons to help with anemia- the iron in bananas able to produce hemoglobin to reduce anemia.

3. vitamin B6

Bananas contain vitamin B6 which is a vitamin that dissolves in water. Vitamin B6 can help improve the development of central nervous system cells in the fetus. With the right amount of vitamin B6 , morning sickness will greatly reduce.

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4. Increase the growth of hemoglobin

Bananas  have a role in the growth of hemoglobin or red blood cells. In addition to iron, bananas contain vitamin B6, which plays a role in neurotransmitter which is able to raise the growth of hemoglobin in the body.

5. Overcoming constipation Disorders

Constipation is increasingly becoming a common problem of pregnancy. Bananas can reduce abdominal bloating and can smooth bowel movement. Without artificial supplements, pregnant women can increase the intake in the diet of pregnant women. This is because bananas contain fiber which causes bowel movements formed stool.

6. Important to help digestion

Pregnant women often experience heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy, which  cause the fetus to grow will be more pressure on the stomach. Eating  healthy foods will alleviate these difficulties. Banana contains an antacid that will suppress acid secretion. Bananas are also rich in pectin which helps normalize digestion in the intestine mortilitas.

7. Helps to reduce diarrhea

Bananas contain pectin as well and that lowering soluble fiber. For pregnant women in fiber can help relieve diarrhea by way of megabsorbsi or absorb excess water that is inside the body. So the benefits of bananas for pregnant women include reducing the symptoms of diarrhea. Not only that, Potassium contained therein will also tackle intestinal cramps sometimes accompany diarrhea.

8. Increased appetite

Bananas contain protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals that can help the pregnant woman’s body to be healthy and have the desire to eat. Every day, pregnant women should eat lots of bananas in order to obtain a better appetite. Because the energy in bananas helps to achieve balance.

9. As a source of Calcium

Calcium is generally known for the development of bones and skeletal system at all ages. Bananas every 200 grams of banana contains 10 mg of natural calcium. For calcium nerve itself helpful in expediting the neurotransmitter in the process of muscle contraction in the development of the fetus in the womb.

10. Contains Antioxidants

Vitamin C in bananas is very high, amounting to 33% on each fruit. Antioxidants that can fight the aging process for a mother and may also improve the immune system of pregnant women and fetuses.

11. Rich Protein

Banana is a fruit that is rich in protein. Proteins serve as a source of calories and also for the formation of antibodies to the fetus and the mother.

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Snack with bananas are a good choice for pregnant women, lack of protein can cause the risk of babies born with a cleft lip. Protein naturally in bananas is 2.5 grams per 225 grams of bananas. In addition to bananas, protein is also abundant in avocados benefits for pregnant women.

12. Reducing nausea and vomiting

Pregnant women often feel nauseous and vomit early in the morning. This is mostly experienced during the first trimester of pregnancy – the first three months. If bananas are consumed in the early stages of pregnancy, it  will be able to help and reduce morning sickness.

13. Wealth Calcium

During pregnancy women experience swelling of one of them caused by insufficient potassium.With the help of potassium,  swelling will reduce during pregnancy.

14. To balance blood

One case of major concern in pregnant women is associated fluctuations in blood pressure. Of course, with a healthy diet, blood pressure can stabilize and banana helps with this.

Potassium in bananas will help keep the pregnant mother’s blood pressure during pregnancy. Potassium also reduces muscle cramps and leg pain during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should consume at least 4,700 milligrams of potassium. The minerals will reduce the side effects that are not good during pregnancy, including the severity of cramps.

15. Increases energy

In an instant banana can provide energy quickly. Especially bananas combined with milk. Bananas contain three natural sugars. Type the sugar is glucose, fructose and sucrose. Bananas contain 28 grams of sugar in each 225 gram.

Especially for mothers who are in the last trimester and postpartum. Benefits for pregnant women bananas contain natural sugars, it would be easy to digest so it can quickly provide energy for pregnant women.

16. Rich in carbohydrates

By making the banana as a snack for pregnant women every few hours, their carbohydrate needs can be met.  This is what causes bananas to be very filling.

17. Very good for breastfeeding

Bananas for mothers who breastfeed is very important as it will help to restore any missing minerals. Minerals are required as ASI forming agent itself, particularly the benefits of calcium contained in bananas.

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Late Night Eating Effects

It has always been known that late night does more harm than good for the overall well being of the body and this is the absolute truth. If you wondering why then this post is entirely for you.

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid late night eating

1. Late dinner affects the memory

American researchers have shown in their study that late dinner can affect memory. Although this study was conducted on mice, it showed that mice fed late meals for two weeks had long-term memory problems.

2. Late dinner increases the risk of acid re-flux

Acid reflux is also known as heartburn. Heartburn happens because the meal eaten very close to bedtime is not fully digested, the acidic contents spill back to the oesophagus. Dinner should be taken before 7 pm.

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3. It increases the risk of Heart Attack and type 2 Diabetes

Late meals do not only have the risk of weight gain, it also affects cholesterol level which increases the risk of a heart attack. It also triggers the increase of insulin and glucose which causes type 2 diabetes.

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Ube Health Benefits

Ube fruit can boost immunity due to vitamin C, or you can reap vitamin c 1000 mg benefits, as well as other antioxidants in the fruit.

Furthermore, the vitamin found in this fruit helps to eliminate free radicals in the body. As the radicals in the body are being reduced, then the body also will be healthier.

We have a few nutritional benefits of Ube

1. Supports healthy skin

There is one of the essential nutrients in Ube fruit that supports healthy skin and it named vitamin C. Vitamin C in the fruit makes the skin healthy because it will moisturize the skin. Moisturized skin tends to prevent the skin from a related condition such as dry skin.

2. Protects heart

Fiber is a substance in Ube fruit that protects the heart because it plays a great role in reduces bad cholesterol or LDL. The reducing of bad cholesterol means to maintain the heart function as well as prevents it from several conditions like heart attack and stroke.

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3. Improves digestive system

Ube fruit may improve digestive system since it is equipped with soluble fibre. The nutrient is popular to improve digestive system and also helps the other nutrients to be absorbed well in the body. Consequently, it improves overall health.

4. Helps in weight loss

The benefit of Ube fruit to lose weight is related to the nutrient called as soluble fibre. The fibre makes the stomach feel full and it prevents you to eat more foods that can lead to losing weight. Since then, the fruit has been said to be good for weight loss

5. Supports for dental health

Calcium is not only helping health bones but also supports dental health. Furthermore, it prevents the building of plaque including tooth decay. Those two conditions probably happen when the body is less of calcium and the teeth are not clean.

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Felvin Tablet is used for Acute musculoskeletal conditions, Swelling, Stiffness and joint pain, Osteoarthritis and other conditions. This Tablet contains Piroxicam as an active ingredient and works by decreasing the production of prostaglandins that cause pain.

Some uses include:

Felvin Tablet is used for the treatment, control, prevention, & improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms:

  • Acute musculoskeletal conditions
  • Swelling, stiffness and joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Postoperative pain
  • Gout
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Here are some of its side effects

The following is a list of possible side-effects that may occur from all constituting ingredients of Felvin Tablet. This is not a comprehensive list. These side-effects are possible but do not always occur. Some of the side-effects may be rare but serious.

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Consult your doctor if you observe any of the following side-effects, especially if they do not go away.

  • Dizziness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Changes in the red blood cells
  • Vertigo
  • Blurred vision
  • Indigestion
  • Feeling of sickness
  • Increased in blood sugar levels
  • Changes in the white blood cells
  • Skin rash

 Felvin Tablet should not be used if you have the following conditions:

  • Active peptic ulceration
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Lactation
  • Porphyria
  • Pregnancy 3rd trimester

The following people should avoid Felvin

  • Be careful if you have impaired renal, hepatic or cardiac function
  • Children below the age of 12 years
  • Elderly patients
  • Patients with infections, asthma, allergic disorders, haemorrhagic disorders or hypertension
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Cholera outbreak

Three pupils have lost their lives while 27 others were hospitalised after a Cholera outbreak at Tsangaya Islamic school, Madaki, in Gombe.

The Commissioner of Health in Gombe State Dr Kennedy Ishaya, during an inspection visit to Madaki Primary Health Care facility where the victims are hospitalized disclosed 30 children from Tsangaya Islamic school had contracted the disease out of which three had died within three days.

He added that 12 pupils were still receiving treatment at the facility, while 15 others have been treated and rejected.

The Commissioner admonished that any case of Cholera should be reported promptly to the nearest health facility as the government has stocked all health facilities in Gombe with sufficient drugs.

Ishaya admonished health workers to take the right and necessary step to ensuring that they do not contract the disease.

“Make sure you observe Nightingale principles; no chewing of kola or chewing gum during working hours.

“Come to the hospital with two pairs of clothing. When going home, drop the one you worked with and wear another one ,’’ he said.

He also appealed to Muslim faithful performing ablution to make sure they used water from good source to avoid contamination.

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Vaginal Steaming Facts

Vagina steaming is the practice, usually done at a spa or even at home, that requires one to sit over a steaming bowl of herbs.

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This process directs herb-infused steam into the vagina. It can be done in a spa or at home, although most doctors do not recommend it. This process allegedly relieves, stress, depression, haemorrhoids, infections, infertility, hormone imbalance, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues and pain.

Does it work?

There is no scientific evidence to confirm that this hot trend helps any condition. There is little chance that the herbal steam would penetrate vaginal tissues to regulate hormones and infertility. It is also not clear how steaming herbs will gain access to the uterus through the tightly-closed cervix at the end of the vagina.

A benefit of V-steaming, however, may be that the moist heat from the steam increases blood flow to the vaginal area, although this isn’t well-studied.

Is it safe?

There is no scientific research to show whether vaginal steaming is harmful or safe. However, it is commonly known that the vagina isn’t meant to be steam-cleaned. A vagina is a self-cleaning machine and vaginal skin is delicate, sensitive and easily traumatised. Steaming it may cause vaginal burns or scalding. It may also make the vagina the perfect environment for bacteria that cause yeast and other vaginal infections to thrive.

Thinking about this makes you wonder how anyone can recommend vaginal steaming to heal the ailments it may cause in the first place. Some of the herbs you use may also cause an allergic reaction in your vagina and nobody wants that.

Bottom line

As mentioned earlier, your vagina is a self-cleaning machine and doesn’t need help from any herbal steam session. Yes, vaginal steaming may make you relax and ease cramping, but there are safer ways to use heat and herbs for period relief. A heating pad will equally ease the paint without threatening to cause harm to your insides. You can also sip a cup of warm herbal tea for maximum benefits of the herbs. If you want to feel relaxed, get a good massage or have an orgasm.

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health benefits of lettuce

If you love eating salads then you are definitely familiar with lettuce. Many women avoid buying this leafy vegetable because it has a slightly bitter taste yet it’s health benefits are way more than it’s taste.

Lettuce, scientifically known as Lactuca sativa, was first cultivated by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The Egyptians used the seeds to produce oil and also utilized the leaves of this useful vegetable.

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The plant also had cultural and religious significance in ancient Egypt, as it was considered to be sacred. Later, the Greeks and Romans also cultivated this crop.

What are the health benefits of lettuce?

Lettuce contains a number of vitamins and nutrients. In ancient times it was used for medicinal purpose and today, modern scientists have confirmed it’s many health benefits.

Here are 5 health benefits of lettuce worth knowing

1. It is an Anti-inflammatory Agent

Lettuce possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help in controlling inflammation. In experimental models, lettuce extracts have shown significant controlling power over inflammation induced by biocatalysts like lipoxygenase and carrageenan.

2. Lettuce helps to fight insomnia

One of the major traditional uses of lettuce was as a sleep inducer. Research into the extracts of lettuce resulted in the isolation of a depressant chemical. This chemical, when administered in experimental animals, showed significant sedative effects. If you suffer from insomnia include lettuce in your diet.

3. Helps Weight Loss

Lettuce contains fiber and cellulose. Besides filling you up, fiber improves your digestion. Improving your digestion may not sound like a good thing for losing weight, but it is actually essential for long-term weight control.

Fiber also helps remove bile salts from the body. When the body replaces these salts it breaks down cholesterol to do so.

4. Antioxidant Agent

Antioxidants are a wide range of biochemicals mostly found in our diet; they are also very necessary for human health. Studies have shown that lettuce possesses antioxidants with significant free radical-scavenging capabilities.

5. Helps to Control Anxiety

The neurological properties of lettuce have long been suggested and exploited during ancient times and the Middle Ages in medical treaties such as the Unani system. In modern times, research has shown that lettuce can have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties.

6. Lettuce has anti-cancer properties.

Lettuce leaf extracts can control leukemia cells and breast cancer cells. Also, lettuce contains antioxidants, which have shown to seek and destroy free radicals that mutate healthy cells and turn them into cancer cells.

7.  Lettuce can help improve the condition of your eyes.

Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin A. This compound promotes better eye health and can prevent macular degeneration and cataract formation. One cup of lettuce contains 82 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin A.

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