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Potatoes are very delicious and healthy. They are also a very filling meal that can hold you for a long time. This is why many families and people eat it regularly. The fibres in potatoes make it easy to digest and the carbs in it help to keep your energy levels up.

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There are different ways to make potatoes. You can either boil them and eat them with chilli stew, fry them, roast them or bake them.

Mashed potatoes are the perfect family food as everyone in the family would be able to eat it. From baby to teenager to grandma.

Here is a recipe for mashed potatoes that you can make for breakfast.

Things you will need

It requires very few ingredients and it can be paired with vegetables, eggs, fish, meat and so on.

  1. Potaotes
  2. Onions
  3. Bell peppers
  4. Red palm oil
  5. Chopped meat or fish
  6. Salt and seasoning


  1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes.
  2. Boil them in water
  3. Cut up your peppers and onions and set aside
  4. Cook and fry your meat or fish if you need to.
  5. Fry your peppers and onions lightly.
  6. When the potatoes have boiled and gotten soft, bring them down and put it in a bowl.
  7. Mash the potatoes and mix in two tablespoons of red palm oil.
  8. Mix in the fried peppers and onions.
  9. Add in the meat and fish and mix in.
  10. Season the meat and add a little salt.
  11. Serve with spicy stew or with a side of vegetables

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The skin is a true testament to a woman’s beauty therefore, it should be well taken care of. Often times, people have taken it’s just what they apply to their skin is all they need to maintain a clean and clear skin. The substance ingested into the body as also as important as what’s applied to the skin.

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Sometimes, people take a different kind of foods that are harmful to their skin in ignorance. Well, this post aims to expose you to foods you reduce in order to maintain a clean, clear and flawless skin.

1.High Intake of Dairy Products

If you can’t live without that glass of chocolate milk every morning or cheese is basically your favorite food group, I’ve got some bad news: all that dairy is not doing your body good.

Dairy products contain certain hormonal components that can stimulate oil production. The more oil your body produces, the more likely it is to clog your pores, which leads to breakouts of several scars like acne, pimples and more.Substituting regular milk for soy or almond milk would absolutely keep your skin fresh.

2.High Salt Intake

While salt might not directly cause acne, it does lead to other unfavorable outcomes for your skin like puffy and inflamed skin. Salt can cause some people to retain water and appear puffy.

If you consume food late at night, chances are that your body retains the salt you had, hence giving you puffy eyes in the morning.

3.High Consumption of Baked Foods

Excess intake of baked foods like doughnuts, ice cream, cakes or foods that are in sugar causes damage to your skin. Foods that are high in sugar end up glycating the collagen in your skin which in turn stiffens and ages the skin.

4.Frequent Consumption Of Potato Chips

While chips are definitely tasty, they’re a double whammy when it comes to being bad for your skin. Most chips are covered in tons of salt, which we now know is a major factor in skin inflammation.

When they are made from potatoes, it means they fall into the refined carbohydrate category and are likely to make your skin break out. This means that bag of chips is just a skin disaster waiting to happen.

5.High Fast Food Intake

Foods like a burger, fries, pizza and many more are high in fat, salt and sugar to make them tasty. If you desire a skin that glows, you have to stay off this as much as possible.

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Most people are familiar with the spices the get in the market or Suya as a snack and meat. Well, we’re glad to inform you that there’s Suya spice and you would totally love it.

Nigerian Suya spice, known as Yaji in Hausa, is the best kept recipe secret only known by the top Mallams of Hausaland. It’s a spice that can stay in your kitchen for as long as a year and still maintain it;s taste.

Follow these few steps to make yours at home.


1. 5 tablespoons of crushed kuli kuli (110g)

2. 5 tablespoons ginger powder (75g)

3. 2 tablespoons of crushed dry Cayenne pepper flakes

4. 10 strands of African Negro pepper

5. 1 small stock cube (4g)½ teaspoon salt


1.Break the African Negro Pepper into pieces and crush the stock cube.

2.Combine all the ingredients together in one bowl.

3.Grind in small batches in the dry mill till they turn into powder. Any coffee grinder will do this job very well.

4.Sift the mixture with a sieve to remove all fibre from the African Negro Pepper and ingredients that didn’t blend well.

5.Put the suya spice in plastic bags or containers and store in the freezer.

Watch this video for proper directions.

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Breakfast food choices can become boring if you let them. Most of us are stuck eating bread and butter or oatmeal over and over again because of how convenient it is. However, variety is indeed, the spice of life.

There are some food combinations that taste absolutely delicious and you can try them for breakfast alone or with your family.

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Here are six incredibly delicious food combinations that you can eat for breakfast.

1. Wheat Bread and Fried Eggs

Yes, the cliched bread and eggs. This food combination is very good because the combination of the proteins in the eggs and the carbohydrates in the bread neutralise each other during the digestion process.

Hence this combination rarely causes stomach upsets except you have an intolerance for any of the ingredients used in making them.

2. Chicken and vegetable sauce

Chicken contains a good quantity of healthy proteins and fats, especially when the chicken is skinned. Vegetables always help to quicken the digestive process of proteins, therefore this combination is a very filling meal that does not leave you bloated.

3. Boiled Yam and Palm Oil Stew with Vegetables

This is a food combination straight from the heart of Port Harcourt. You can easily buy it in local markets and by the roadside. This is an incredibly delicious meal that would help you get to your goals faster because of how filling it is.

4. Wheat/Flat Bread Sandwich with Coleslaw Filling

This is like a modified shawarma, especially if you are using flatbread. Flatbread and wheat bread are healthy alternatives for white bread. You can either decide to make a veggie wrap, filling it with coleslaw ingredients or salad ingredients.

You can also make a wheat bread sandwich and grill it in a sandwich maker or toaster for additional taste.

5. Bananas and Yoghurt

The combination of the potassium in the banana and the healthy proteins in the yoghurt boosts energy tremendously and this is a good combination to eat an hour or 30 minutes before working out.

It would give you the strength you need to do your workouts effectively. It would also keep you satisfied for longer.

6. Carrots and Peanut Butter

This combination of starch, fat and protein is another good snack option. It can be used to quiet those morning snack cravings.

However, remember not to overdo it with the peanut butter as one spoon of it packs an unbelievable amount of calories.

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Fried chicken is a common food served in parties and several homes. We have brought something new to help you switch up your cooking skills. Heard of Buttermilk fried chicken? We bet not.

Buttermilk fried chicken is a slightly sour fried chicken that has been soaked in fermented or sour milk, which is the buttermilk.

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Buttermilk fried chicken recipe is very simple to make at any time, all you need is your buttermilk some chicken spices and plain flour to coat the chicken. This recipe can be served at birthday parties or simply during lunch hours.

You can decide to make yours right in your kitchen by following the steps provided in this post and the recipe used.


1.1 cup of buttermilk

2.5-10 pieces of chicken

3.1 cup of all-purpose flour

4.1 tablespoon of paprika

5.1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

6.1 teaspoon of garlic powder

7.1 small grated ginger (optional) to season the chicken

8.1 teaspoon of ginger powder

9.1 seasoning cube

10.teaspoon of onions powder or grated onions

11.Salt to taste

12.Peanut/ Vegetable oil for frying


  1. Cut the chicken into your preferred sizes and drain from excess liquid.
  2. Add thyme, pepper, ginger, onions and all the dry spices to the chicken and toast.
  3. Add in the buttermilk to the seasoned chicken to soak well, store in the fridge for two hours or overnight.
  4. Add flour into a shallow bowl, season the flour with the remaining dry spices and mix it to combine and set aside.
  5. Bring out the marinated chicken from the fridge and drain from the buttermilk.
  6. Dredge the chicken one after the other in the seasoned flour until its all covered with the flour.
  7. Repeat the process to all the chicken pieces and shake off excess flour, then set aside.
  8. Heat up oil deep enough in a skillet on a high heat, once the oil is hot enough, fry the buttermilk battered chicken few at a time on one side.
  9. Turn to the next side and fry until the whole chicken is totally golden and crisp, this should take about 10 -20 minutes for the chicken to cook through depending on the parts and size of your chicken.
  10. Once the whole fried, chicken is thoroughly cooked and crisp and you are happy with what you’re seeing, drain on a cooling rack or paper towel.

Enjoy your buttermilk fried chicken chilled with salad.

Watch this video for more details

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There are certain foods that can sabotage our plan of having a good work out if we eat them before exercising.

These foods are necessarily not bad foods, they just either leave you gassy, bloated or tired and I don’t think anyone wants to be any of these three things while we are exercising.

Being mindful of these foods will help you to know what is best for you to eat to optimize your work out and what you would be better off not eating. If you must eat these foods though, make sure you eat them at least two hours before you plan to work out.

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Here are 5 foods you should never eat before a workout.

1. Salads

Surprising right? I mean, salads are one of the healthiest meal choices in the world. However uncooked vegetables cause bloating because of their fiber content and how long it takes the body longer to break it down.

2. Peppery or spicy foods

It is probably not a good idea to eat that delicious plate of spicy spaghetti before going straight to work out. Exercising gets your body moving in all directions and this can cause the pepper to come back up to your throat and it can cause you to choke.

3. Dairy or Milky Foods

Dairy foods cause bloatedness and make you gassy when eaten in a good quantity. Dairy takes a long time to digest and while your body digests it, you tend to feel lethargic and sleepy. This is not the best state to be in to have a good work out so be mindful of it.

4. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods like avocados should be avoided before exercising because fatty foods, regardless of how healthy they are, take a very long time to digest in the system.

Also, fatty foods draw blood into the stomach in order to quicken digestion and this can lead to cramping. If indeed you cannot help yourself, eat a handful of fatty nuts like peanuts or almond nuts.

5. Alcohol

First of all, how safe is working out tipsy or drunk? That aside, alcohol is made by fermentation and contains an unbelievable amount of sugar. The fermentation in itself makes it hard for the body to break down and it requires a lot of energy to do this, energy that should be used in exercising.

Also, alcohol causes dehydration and it is very dangerous to exercise when you are dehydrated because your body already loses water by sweating when you exercise.

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Sri Lankan cuisine is diverse and versatile with rice, coconut and a variety of spices dominating most of the dishes. Being a neighbor of India, located at its southernmost tip, both the countries have many dishes in common like hoppers, string hoppers, kottu and puttu. Dutch, Portuguese and Indonesian influence on its cuisine is also observed. Let us take a look at a list of the popular dishes the country has to offer.

Sri Lankan Food

1. Hoppers – A Tasty and Famous Pancake of Sri Lanka

Hoppers Famous Food of Sri Lanka

What is it: Also called appam in India, hoppers are a kind of pancake prepared by frying or steaming a batter of rice flour, coconut milk, and spices.  There are different varieties of hoppers depending on the type of ingredient used in its preparation, with egg hoppers being one of the favorite kinds, where an egg is beaten into the pancake which is in the shape of a bowl.

What does it taste like: It may taste sweet or savory depending on the kind of ingredients that goes in its making. You can eat it plain if having it for breakfast or even combine it with vegetable stew, egg curry or a chicken dish as well as a spicy sambol (hot sauce) for lunch.

2. String Hoppers – A Healthy Noodle-like Delicacy of Sri Lanka

String Hoppers Sri Lankan Cuisine

What is it: One of the many varieties of hoppers, string hoppers has a noodle-like appearance, also known as idiyappam and putu mayam. The dough of rice flour and water is placed inside a sieve or string hopper maker and pressed in a way to give it a string-like appearance. Mostly eaten during breakfast or dinner, it is combined with veg or non-veg curries or even a coconut dip. Besides Sri Lanka, this dish is also well known in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

What does it taste like: Its soft texture would melt in your mouth at an instant, though the taste may vary from sweet to spicy depending upon what you are eating it with.

3 Lamprais – A Dutch-influenced Unique Curry Platter

Lamprais Sri Lankan Popular Food

What is it:  Getting its name from lomprijst, a Dutch word that translates to a food packet in English, it is a unique dish comprising of meat (pork, lamb and beef) and vegetarian (aubergine and ash plantain) curries, frikkadels (Dutch-styled meatballs), sambal (hot sauce), belacan (shrimp sauce) and rice. The fusion is finally wrapped in banana leaves and then baked. The Dutch-Burgher community, an ethnic group of Sri Lanka, is said to be instrumental in creating this dish.

What does it taste like: Finger-licking and delicious, the woody fragrance of banana leaves combined with the aromatic taste of meat enhances its grandeur to the fullest.

4. Rice and Curry – Sri Lanka’s Typical Lunch Dish

Rice and Curry Sri Lankan Lunch Dish

What is it: One of Sri Lanka’s staple food, it is a simple dish mostly eaten for lunch comprising boiled or steamed rice coupled with curries of meat, fish, mutton, chicken, vegetables, and lentils.

What does it taste like: The taste is brought about by the curries which could be sweet, sour or even spicy.

5. Kottu – An Authentic Street Snack of Sri Lanka

Kottu Sri Lankan Street Food Snacks

What is it: A spicy fried delicacy comprising of shredded roti (round flatbread) mixed with a host of vegetables like leek, cabbage, and onions, though cheese or non-veg items (eggs and meat) are optional. The presence of a variety of spices as well as tasty sauces makes it all the more delicious.

As per a legend, kottu emerged in Sri Lanka a long time back when a vendor had exhausted his means for the day only having a little vegetable, and chicken curry. Not wanting to deprive the hungry tourists he made a fusion of all that he had, leaving the travelers impressed. The rhythmic tune created by the clanking of spatulas by each of the vendors when they are at work is indeed a treat to hear.

What does it taste like: Salty and spicy, while the addition of hot sauces could make it a tangy affair too.

6. Kool – Special Seafood Broth of Jaffna

Kool Popular Jaffna Food

What is it: A delicious and healthy soup, having its roots in the Sri Lankan city, Jaffna, situated in the northernmost part of the country. It is indeed a perfect fusion of seafood since cuttlefish, prawns, crayfish, and crab are its main ingredients alongside a whole lot of vegetables like long beans, manioc, spinach, jak seeds, and tamarind, with palmyra flour added to give it a thick consistency.

What does it taste like: The sweetness of crab and prawn combined with the buttery flavor of beans intensifies its tastes.

7. Kiribath – Sri Lanka’s Traditional New Year Food

Sri Lankan Traditional New Year Food

What is it: A rice cake or pudding as it is made by cooking rice and coconut milk together. A traditional dish in every Sinhalese household, it is mostly eaten for breakfast specifically on the 1st of every month. People even have it on auspicious occasions like marriage as well as the Sinhalese New Year when kiribath is first offered to god and then served as the prime dish in a full course meal, the other desserts being kevum and kokis (deep fried sweets made from rice flour). It is even the first food tasted by a baby when he or she is transitioning from breast milk to solid food.

What does it taste like: These diamond-shaped cakes (that’s how they are served) are smooth and salty mostly accompanied with lunu miris (spicy sauce made with red onions, chili pepper, Maldive fish, lime juice and black pepper) that makes it spicy. For a sweet sensation, you can also eat it with banana and jaggery that also come as accompaniments.

8. Puttu – A Healthy Breakfast Food

Puttu Sri Lankan Breakfast Dish

What is it:  A cylindrical shaped steamed preparation having rice and coconut as its main ingredients, mostly eaten for breakfast, though many people have it for lunch and dinner as well. It is eaten either with bananas or even veg, fish or meat curries.

What does it taste like: Smooth and chewy, because of the addition of coconut, while the rest of it depends on your choice of side dishes.

9. Sri Lankan Dhal Curry – An Authentic Sinhalese Cuisine

Dhal Curry Sinhalese Cuisine

What is it: Also known as parippu that translates to lentils in Tamil and Sinhalese, it is one of Sri Lanka’s staple main course dish, prepared by cooking red lentils with coconut milk and seasoning it with garlic, onion, fenugreek, mustard seeds, cumin, and saffron. You can eat it as a main dish or as an accompaniment along with rice and curry.

What does it taste like: The addition of coconut milk adds to its rich taste while cumin seeds, saffron, mustard, and garlic gives it an aromatic and sharp flavor.

10. Ambul Thiyal – Sri Lanka’s Special Fish Curry

Ambul Thiyal Sri Lankan Curry

What is it: Originating in Ambalangoda, a coastal town in Sri Lanka, it is a dried fish curry made by sautéing cubed fish with spices like cardamom, cinnamon, garlic and black pepper, as well as seasoning it with tamarind juice which is responsible for its unique taste, also acting as a preservative, helping it to last for a longer span. Traditionally, this is another dish served for New Year along with Kiribath.

What does it taste like: Rich, peppery, aromatic, with the presence of tamarind accounting for its sour and tart taste.

11. Watalappam – Sri Lanka’s Famous Dessert

Watalappam Sri Lankan Dessert

What is it: A delicious pudding having coconut milk and jaggery as its main ingredients further seasoned with cloves, cardamom, and nutmeg, garnished with cashew nuts.

What does it taste like: Delicious, creamy, and sweet…a perfect choice for all those with a sweet tooth.

With a host of mouthwatering savories and dishes at hand, it is up to you to make a list of all that you would want to relish upon the next time you visit this island country.

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Dining time is supposed to be a time where you enjoy your food and enjoy the company of those you are dining with. There are certain table manners that we as women unknowingly violate when we are dining out with friends that could possibly diminish the experience.

Being mindful of these dining tips would help show that you are appreciative and respectful of the company you are with.

Here are five table manners that women should be mindful of when dining with people in a formal or semi-formal setting.

1. No cell phones

We often get away with our devices but it is poor table manners to even bring your cell phone to the table, talk more of operating it while eating with people.

It is rude to use your phone when you are dining with people because it comes across like you do not value their company. Switch off your phone or mute it before dining. You can practice by keeping your phone away while eating alone.

2. Mind your drinking

If you are being served any alcoholic beverages, know your limits and stick to it. If you do not know, ask for the alcoholic content or simply do not drink that beverage, ask for a substitute. You would not want to be tipsy or drunk while dining people.

3. Don’t start eating before your host

When you are served, wait for your host to reach for their cutlery before you start eating. If there is no host, wait until everyone has been served, or has gotten their food and is settled before you begin to eat your food. It shows your consideration and care and respect for the people you are dining with.

4. Elbows off

Make sure your elbows are off the table when you are dining. Especially if the table is covered with a cloth. Putting your elbows on the table can risk the tablecloth and food being dragged off the table.

Also, keeping your elbows on the table can cause you to hit your drinking glass or another person’s drinking glass.

Placing your elbows on the table also bends your upper spine and this can inhibit digestion because your stomach will be squeezed between your ribs and spine.

5. Ask for food to be passed to you

When you are at the table, make sure you ask for something to be passed to you. Don’t lean over someone’s food in order to get to what you want. You don’t want to risk dropping a serving dish on someone’s plate or worse, push their food off the table.

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Food is meant to be nutritious and eating is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. However, some dangerous food combinations can cause it to be neither of the two, and the enjoyment gotten from the food will only be temporary.

Stomach upsets are mostly as a result of ingesting certain dangerous food combinations that are bad for general health

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Here are five food combinations that are dangerous to the health.

1. Eating Food and Drinking

Water is very beneficial to our health and the proper functioning of our digestive system. However, it is quite dangerous to drink water or juice between spoonfuls of food.

This is because liquids dilute the stomach acids, thereby reducing its effectiveness in breaking down food groups like protein, fats, and carbohydrates.

Try to drink at least 10 minutes before or after eating. This would also help to keep you from overeating.

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2. Eggs and Pork Bacon/ Red Meat

Eating two different high protein sources is very dangerous as the combination of both overworks your digestive system and makes you feel lethargic after a short period of time.

The body needs enough energy to break down food and protein break down consumes a lot of energy. So consuming the two things at once is not the best diet choice to make.

Space out your animal protein sources for different meals of the day to avoid this.

3. Fruit And Food

This sounds like a good combination right? After all, fruit is good for your body. It is bad because fruits are supposed to move quickly through your system and because it has been combined with food, it would be retained for longer and the sugar in the fruit begins to ferment.

4. Milk Cereal and Orange Juice

Orange juice is acidic while casein is the main protein in milk and the combination of these two causes the milk to curdle in the system and the enzyme in the starchy cereal is destroyed.

Try to have your orange juice about 30 minutes before or after your cereal to avoid this from causing you any stomach upsets.

5. Pizza and Soda

Many of us do this when we are out eating pizza with friends and family without knowing how dangerous it is. The proteins in the pizza and the gas content in fizzy carbonated drinks overworks the digestive system.

It makes it hard for your body to break down food and thereby, making you very lethargic. Also, the sugar in the soda slows down digestion, making you feel heavy and bloated. Try to pair your pizza with a different beverage.

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Madagascar is famous for the diversity it offers when it comes to presenting a whole lot of lip-smacking dishes. Rice, their staple food dominates most of their dishes, while a lot of impetus is also laid upon a variety of vegetables as well as seafood and meat. Most of their foods are often flavored with sauces of onion, tomato, garlic, and ginger to give it a spicy taste. Let us check out the list of top Madagascar cuisines.

Madagascar Food

1. Romazava – A Traditional Meat Stew with Leafy Greens

Romazava Traditional Food of Madagascar

What is it: Madagascar’s national dish, comprising of a meat stew (pork, chicken or beef) teamed with green vegetables, onions and an array of spices. It is mostly eaten at lunch and dinner, served with or over rice.

What does it taste like: Spicy and peppery because of the addition of mustard greens and watercress along with ginger and chilies.

2. Lasary – A Typical Vegetarian Dish

Lasary Typical Food in Madagascar

What is it: A tasty vegetable dish comprising of carrots, green beans, cabbage, and onions, seasoned with a mild amount of vinaigrette. However, in the cities, the definition of lasary is different, indicating a condiment of pickled lemons and mangoes.

What does it taste like: The addition of vinaigrette gives this nutritious dish a sour taste.

3. Foza sy hena-kisoa – A Famous Seafood Platter of Madagascar

Foza sy hena-kisoa Famous Madagascar Food

What is it: An incredible fusion of stir-fried pork, crab, and lobster, further seasoned with ginger and lime juice. It is mostly eaten with rice, just like most other Malagasy cuisines.

What does it taste like: The presence of lobster and crab gives it a chewy and soft texture respectively while lime and ginger add to its sweet and spicy flavor.

4. Mofo gasy – A Popular Breakfast Food of Madagascar

Mofo gasy Madagascar Breakfast Food

What is it: Also known as Malagasy bread, it is a pancake prepared by deep frying a dough made of flour, water, yeast, sugar, and cream of rice. Maple syrup, juice and fruits serve as accompaniments.

What does it taste like: Mildly sweet, crispy from outside and chewy within.

5. Malagasy Style Fried Rice – Madagascar’s Staple Food

Malagasy Fried Rice Madagascar Staple Food

What is it: A unique fusion made by frying rice, their staple food, along with a whole lot of vegetables like carrots, capsicum, sweet corn, bok choy, and spring onions. Slices of meat, eggs, and shrimps are also used.

What does it taste like:  A plethora of vegetables included in its preparation gives it a rich and spicy flavor.

6. Koba – A Traditional Dessert of Madagascar

Koba Akondro Madagascar Desserts

What is it: A traditional sweet of this island nation of Africa, it primarily comprises of mashed bananas, vanilla beans, and ground peanuts, alongside corn flour and honey. The batter is wrapped in banana leaves and boiled or steamed. Its popularity all over Madagascar is such that you may spot every gas station or marketplace selling this delicacy by the name of koba akondro.

What does it taste like: A sweet sensation indeed mainly due to the presence of vanilla and bananas, while the crunchy texture of peanuts adds to its unique flavor.

7. Mofo-anana – A Perfect Appetizing Snack

Mofo Anana Appetizer Food Eaten in Madagascar

What is it:  Bread with leafy greens, mofo, and anana meaning bread and leafy greens respectively in the local language. The greens are cooked well, added to a batter of bread and then deep fried to prepare fritters. A hot sauce of chili, garlic, and ginger is eaten along.

What does it taste like: Soft, crunchy, spicy and crispy, that would melt in your mouth at the very first bite you take.

8. Akoho sy voania – Malagasy Christmas Food

Akoho sy voania Madagascar Christmas Food

What is it: A stew made by blending chicken and coconut, mainly served over rice.

What does it taste like: The rich flavor of chicken and sweetness of coconut makes it a splendid dish altogether.

9. Nem- Crispy Finger Food of Madagascar

Nem Finger Food of Madagascar

What is it: Crunchy, deep fried spring rolls filled with beef, leek potato, cabbage, and onions. Hot, tangy sauces serve as perfect sides to accompany this savory snack.

What does it taste like: The crispiness in every bite would transcend you to a different level altogether.

10. Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa – A Popular Festival Food

Voanjobory sy hena-kisoa Madagascar Festival Food

What is it: Though the name might seem like jargon to you, it is a simple dish of chopped pork and Bambara groundnuts, served over a platter of rice like most of the typical Malagasy dishes. A bowl of salad and chili paste often serve as a side dish. Initially, it was eaten at the time of the royal festivals of Madagascar, though at present it has found its place in many restaurants throughout the country.

What does it taste like: The richness of pork combined with the nutty and earthy flavor of groundnuts would satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.

11. Ranovola – Madagascar’s Special Burnt Rice Drink

Ranovola Madagascar Drink

What is it: A staple drink of Madagascar, prepared by placing a cup of cooked rice in a pot and heating it on a medium flame till it attains a toasty smell. Water is added, and then the decoction is first steeped then cooled and finally strained into a glass. Ice cubes might be added though it is optional.

What does it taste like: Refreshing, cool and nutritious, apt for a country like Madagascar where water shortage is at its peak.

12.  Sambusa – Authentic Snacks of Madagascar

Sambusa Madagascar Snacks

What is it: Similar to the Indian samosa, it is a triangle-shaped fried savory stuffed with fillings of ground beef and potatoes. However, it is not as spicy as the Indian variant and vendors are often seeing carrying a hot pepper jar, in case one desires to have it a little hot.

What does it taste like: Spicy and crispy, with the flavor differing by the spices and herbs added.

These innovative and versatile dishes of Madagascar are eventually finding its way all over the world. The next time when you plan your visit to this African country, keep some of these items mentioned above on your bucket list to satisfy the gourmet in you.

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