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what to wear to a movie date

There are several blockbusters in the cinema right now. Without a doubt, Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood movies keep us entertained and reeling with laughter pr wiping tears off our cheeks.

Whether you are going to the movies with your girlfriends, that special friend or your insignificant other, what to wear to a movie date ALWAYS presents a challenge. Going on a first date is even worse. So what do you wear?

Don’t fret! Dates mean fun and a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the thrills of the movie so let your personality guide your style.

Still clueless on what to wear to a movie date? Check out these outfit suggestions:

Off shoulder + Shorts + Sandals

(Photo: Awed By Monica)

Off shoulder tops matched with a solid or neutral coloured shorts and a pair of loafers is an awesome movie night suggestion. This combo shows off skin without drawing too much attention plus sandals keep your feet comfy.

what to wear to a movie date

(Photo: Stylerave)

Playsuits are a big hit for casual dates, especially those with pockets. This outfit gives you and chic and yet playful look. Culottes can be paired with a tucked in tee or a simple crop top. Pair with boots, wedge or pumps.

Fitted Jeans + Statement Tee
Round Neck Tees

{Photo: Instagram / Sarah Langa}

Movie dates are a relaxed affair, go with your favourite comfortable fitted jeans, a stylish or statement blouse combined with some super comfy flats.

A-line Dress

(Photo: Instagram/ Sharon Ooja)

When choosing what to wear to a movie date, go for an A-line dress. The A-line dress could be a little black dress, a print or patterned dress. The A-line style oozes feminine appeal especially when paired with footies of a vibrant solid colour.

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Denim Skirts For The Win

{Photo: Instagram / Awed By Moni}

Denim skirts are the all time go-to for laid back, casual outfits. So pair yours with a simple white tee and a pair of sneakers and you are good to go!

Swaggy Shades, light makeup, side bags, and minimal accessories go well with every one of these suggestions.

Have a wonderful date night!

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Tattoos are beautiful artworks that you might have been admiring on others skin. The intricacies of the design are alluring and prompt the craving to get one for ones self.

It doesn’t help that most of your favourite music artiste, actors/actress, sport player flaunt their tattoos every chance they get. So, if you are considering getting a tattoo or several beautiful pieces of art or script on some body part, here are guidelines on how to go about it.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Moet Abebe)

Tattoos are Forever

Tattoos are last forever. So before getting a tattoo, be certain that you want it so you don’t end up regretting them. Be sure of the location you want it on too. Do you want a visible one or hidden one? A quick one: Laser removal is more painful and more expensive than getting a tattoo. Be ink sure.

Preparation is Key

Hangovers aren’t the most pleasant experience. When coupled with tattoo appointment? Disastrous! Alcohol consumption is not advised a day before your appointment. Alcohol levels will thin your blood and can cause excessive bleeding during the session. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water to keep your skin healthy. You may also start moisturizing a week or two before. If you have deep cuts or scratches, wait till they are healed.

Get plenty of rest before the big day to avoid being grouchy and fidgety which would affect the outcome of the tattoo.

Money, Money, Monneeeyy

Tattoos don’t come cheap! If you aren’t ready to spend don’t even think about getting a tattoo. Find out how much tattoo sessions are before deciding to get one. Some tattoo parlours charge a fixed cost others do per-hour. Make your inquiries thoroughly. Also, avoid the temptation of getting inked and a cheap shanty. There are a thousand an one things that could go wrong. It’s always best to get tattooed at a certified tattoo parlour, even if they are expensive.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Lillian Afegbai)


We would not shy from the pain that comes with getting a tattoo. It hurts! The threshold of pain everyone has varies so brace yourself for the accompanying sting. The throbbing pain may leave you light-headed or faint. Eat a good sized meal and take along sugary snacks to help restore you blood sugar levels to avoid fainting.

getting a tattoo

(Photo: Instagram/Annie Idibia)


Do a research on tattoo artists; show each one the design detail you want and go with the one that you are sure understands your specification. You should have a reference photo of the design, what size you’d want it and the location it would be. If you are going for a script, choose the font and make sure you proofread it before it is done to avoid stories that touch. Once you are inked, you are INKED!

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Meanwhile, check out Moet’s new tattoo and what it means.

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stubborn black spots remedy

I’ve had black spots on my face for as long as I can remember. The old ones fade off and new ones reappear and no home remedy or product ever seemed to work for me until now.

I read up on the goodness of native black soap on the skin a few weeks ago and finally decided to give it a try. I had to find a way to incorporate the native black soap into my daily skin care routine

Here’s how I did it:

Prepare The Black Soap
stubborn black spots remedy

(Photo: CraftsAndTufs)

I got the raw native black soap from the local market so I had to do a little mixing. Put the dry black soap chunks in a container and dissolve it with a little water and leave to sit for a few hours. Be careful not to use too much water as the mix is supposed to be in paste form, not liquid. Use about half cup of water to 200g of black soap.

stubborn black spots remedy

(Photo: HuffingtonPost)

Squeeze out the juice of one full sized lemon (the kind we buy at grocery stores, not the local breed.) Mix in the lemon juice with the black soap paste.

stubborn black spots remedy

(Photo: YouTube via Jacquee22)

Right before you go to bed, take a little quantity of the black soap and lemon mix and rub thoroughly all over your face. If you have an open wound or scratched pimple, it will definitely burn. Ensure you do this AFTER you have taken your bath. Leave it on overnight and go to bed. Wash off with warm water the next morning.

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Black soap is the perfect stubborn black spots remedy because it works like an astringent. It pulls the oils out of your skin and leaves your skin clean and smooth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which directly attacks swollen zits.

The lemon is a brightening agent and this helps in fading off the black spots. That is why it has to be the second ingredient in this stubborn black spots remedy.


This is not some magic cure. It requires patience and consistency but you will start to see visible results after three days. Repeat the process for one week and your black spots will be completely exterminated.

Check out other amazing benefits of the native black soap here.



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How To Wear Prints Just Got Easier With Shaffy Bello's Amazing Style!

How to wear prints has gotten easier with Shaffy Bello showing us the way.

The screen goddess has a certain way with fashion that makes us want to age like her. Hopefully, it comes with her sense of style. And when it comes to knowing how to wear prints, she really has no competition.

How To Wear Prints Just Got Easier With Shaffy Bello's Amazing Style!

(Photo: Instagram/IAmShaffyBello)

No one who loves fashion can resist staring at Shaffy Bello’s pictures. This African woman with a pretty face comes with style we cannot deny.

How To Wear Prints Just Got Easier With Shaffy Bello's Amazing Style!

(Photo: Instagram/IAmShaffyBello)

That’s why we’re learning how to wear prints from the one who does it really well – Aunty Shaffy! So, here are a few things we learned from stalking casually looking at her page.

It’s okay to step out of the box

You don’t have to always play by the rules. Because sometimes, breaking the rules work. A rule would have been to pair this yellow, red and brown print with one of those colours, but nope! Shaffy decided to try some white and it works! The white enhances the print without foregoing its pristine nature. If prints intimidate you, try something less intimidating.

Prints come in various styles and patterns, so if you feel overwhelmed by one, try another one. We adore this red number Shaffy has on. It has minimal floral prints that sit on a bold red. hat more could you be looking for in a red carpet look?

Let the print work for you

A lot of people get this wrong, especially when it comes to tailor-made clothes. If you’re working with a fabric that has certain print placements, be strategic about where they fall. Shaffy’s jumpsuit with off shoulder bell arms is a perfect example. The major prints are placed centrally to make the outfit look more tapered.

Go big or sit down in a corner

We would like to start by saying this jacket by Ade Bakare is everything and more. Here’s another lesson – if you’re going to wear a statement printed piece, keep everything else minimal. Imagine this jacket on a print skirt or trousers. It could spell chaos.

Pair your prints with the base colour

This look makes us feel so old. Shaffy gave this look something extra by draping this black see-through floor length jacket on it. It adds a certain sex appeal thanks to the fabric and brings some modesty to an otherwise risque outfit.

There you have it – proof that Shaffy doesn’t just know how to act. She’s a boss when it comes to knowing how to wear prints too! Tell us, what are your tips for wearing prints?

Speaking of prints, here are some ankara print outfits to wear to slay that owambe dead!



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Bisola Aiyeola Looks Picture Perfect In A Floral Dress & We're Blushing!

Bisola Aiyeola is someone you just can’t hate. Like, it’s almost impossible. Her raw talent, ability to make the angriest of men laugh and acting skills make her stand out from the crowd. And that’s not all making her stand out.

Bisola Aiyeola has never been one to wear the fanciest and most expensive brands, but when she wears something, she kills it. Like this floral dress for example.

Bisola Aiyeola Looks Picture Perfect In A Floral Dress & We're Blushing!

(Photo: Instagram/IAmBisola)

Bisola Aiyeola Looks Picture Perfect In A Floral Dress & We're Blushing!

(Photo: Instagram/IAmBisola)

The Big Brother Nigeria alumnus shared 3 picture perfect photos of herself rocking a dress from Mennabee womenswear brand. And it looked super cute!

The dress features a sleeveless top and a flounce hemline covered in black & white vertical stripes covered by floral prints.

This dress on Bisola Aiyeola looks stunning and would look great on any curvy woman. The vertical stripes give a slimming appearance and the floral print brings the fun.

Speaking of fun, she Bisola also shared just how fun the dress can really get in a dance video. In the short clip, we see her dancing to a song by Praiz along with her partner, Jeff Akoh. Press play and be entertained!

We literally can’t get enough! So if you want to see more Bisola Aiyeola, check this out!



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Author: Yinka Owate

Yinka is a Creative Content Writer for FabWoman. She creates content on women, beauty, health, and lifestyle for our social media. She also writes articles, product descriptions, stories, and screenplays.

Outside of work, Yinka volunteers for charity and events relating to women, art, film, and professions. She dances salsa, hip-hop, contemporary and traditional dance for events and competitions. Yinka loves cats and rabbits.

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Dashiki is one of the famous African prints that has evolved over the years and has taken over the fashion industry.

This famous African print which hailed from the Northern part of the country has found its way in other countries outside Africa.

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Dashiki seems to be a trend that’s going to be around for a long time and we want to you to be part of this beautiful trend.

Here are 10 amazing Dashiki style that would leave you stunned and would inspire your weekend outfit. Have a look!

1.This is simple and comfortable

2.This is that look you pull to an evening party

3.This style will give you that sexy look

4.This is so lovely

5.You can decide to pull off in Dashiki blazers

6.This is a style will make you feel so comfortable

7.It could be worn as a long and lovely style

8.This is classy and stylish

9.This is an absolutely amazing style

10.This is  a perfect church outfit

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6 Great Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds You Probably Didn’t Know About

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ankara maxi skirt

Because we’re Nigerians, our love for Ankara isn’t going anywhere!

We’ll wear it in dresses and tops, in jumpsuits and all that’s in between. We’ll wear it with jeans and we’ll also wrap our heads with it. We can never get enough of Ankara, because there are countless things to do with it. It’s like the vessel through which our fashion juices flow. And today we’re getting Ankara maxi skirt vibes.

Maxi skirts do not have to be boring or ‘Mary Amaka ish’. You can totally slay in Ankara maxi skirts and we’ll show you how.

1. Worn With A Bustier and headwrap

The statement neck piece, arm accessories and head wrap makes this look very regal. You’ll look like a queen with this one.

ankara maxi skirt

(Photo: Pinterest via Dabonke fashion)

2. In Contrasting Coordinates
ankara maxi skirt

(Photo: Pinterest via Dezango Fashion Zone)

3. With A White Off-shoulder Top Or Formal Shirt

A plain white shirt worn with an ankara maxi skirt works any day. Wear minimal accessories for a very classy look.

ankara maxi skirt


4. With A Black Body Hugging Top
ankara maxi skirt

(Photo: Pinterest via Alessia Ghezzi)

5. Rock The Print Clash Trend By Pairing Your Ankara Maxi Skirt With Another Print
Ankara maxi skirt


6. Wear With A Matching Crop Top
Ankara maxi skirt


7. Wear Your Ankara Maxi Skirt With A T-shirt And Bowler Hat

This is a very laid back but chic look. A face print T-shirt will also go nicely with the skirt.

Ankara maxi skirt


8. Got A Sexy Mid-riff? Show It Off With This Combo That’s Perfect For The Beach
Ankara maxi skirts

(Photo: Pinterest via Maame Abena A-H)

9. An Ankara Maxi Skirt Worn With Denim Is A Definite Winner Any Day
Ankara Maxi skirt

(Photo: Pinterest via Misstique)

10. Matching Coordinates

Wear your maxi skirt with a shirt made from the same fabric. You’ll definitely get compliments.

Ankara maxi skirt


Wanna chill off Ankara for a bit? Dashiki will the make the perfect replacement.



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How To Know If Your Skin Is Dry? We Have 5 Physical Signs To Guide You

How to know if your skin is dry? Well, there are a couple of ways. The skin comes in different textures and types. However, all skin types can get dry and we can tell you how to know.

It is very easy to know if your skin is dry. Our skin usually gives us tell-tale signs like scaling, flaking or when the skin feels rough. Besides these common signs, there are some not-so-common signs that you could be missing totally.

Let’s break them down for you. This is how to know if your skin is dry

It looks dull and tired

Dehydrated skin always comes off as dull and bland. When your skin has moisture it usually gives off a luminous glow. It looks plump and radiant, while dry or dehydrated skin is the direct opposite. In some cases, it can enhance wrinkles and cause you to look older.

You’re breaking out

Breakouts don’t only happen to oily skin. It can also affect the dry skin. When your skin’s outer layer experiences any type of change or disruption, it could result in inflammation. So if you notice your skin isn’t oily but you have breakouts, your skin could be really dehydrated.

How To Know If Your Skin Is Dry? We Have 5 Physical Signs To Guide You

(Photo: Refinery29)

It gets itchy and feels unusually tight

You remember how your skin feels during the harmattan period? Well, that is basically how your skin would feel if it’s dehydrated. You might also experience some light itching as you work your face muscles. Be careful to make sure that you don’t scratch the skin as it is very fragile at this stage and could lead to injuries on the skin’s surface.

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The skin feels rough and looks scaly

As we mentioned earlier, rough and scaling skin are some of the more obvious signs that your skin is dry. You might see actual skin hanging off your skin. In this case, try not to tug them off as they could lead to tears in the skin.

How To Know If Your Skin Is Dry? We Have 5 Physical Signs To Guide You

(Photo: V10Plus)

Cracks and pain occur

Speaking of tears in the skin, if you see cracks and are experiencing pain on your skin, then it is definitely dry. As the skin’s barrier is lacking moisture, it starts to struggle to perform its functions and could cause pain in the process.

Now that we’ve sorted out how to know if your skin is dry, what is the solution? Well, we have tons of articles on restoring moisture to your skin. For example, look out for these ingredients in a moisturizer to get rid of dry, itchy & scaling skin. You can also create your own moisturizer with these simple ingredients. And if you’re in the mood for a stay-at-home spa-cation, try this DIY Moroccan Hammam bath.



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