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The church is the best place to look gorgeous and if perhaps, you have not been paying attention to style all because you think it does not matter what you wear to church, you should think again.

13 Trending Red Asoebi Styles For Women Who Have Lovely Taste

Check out some stylish outfits for church

1. Style Pantry always gets it right

2. This is simple yet beautiful

3. You are sure to stand out

4. Tg Jonah always slaying

5. Ankara pants anyone?

6. We absolutely love this classy piece

7. This is also beautiful

8. Ankara top on skirt always remains in vogue

9. A simple print dress will do too

10. Monochrome and wine. What perfection!

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Ankara headwrap

What do you say to an Ankara head wrap type of weekend? We know how you ladies love your ankara fabric and how you love to incorporate it in different looks you try so how about doing it fab this weekend?

Ankara head wrap will sure make a statement as part of a look think of doing it over a top and denim, on a maxi, on a chic shirtdress infact the list goes on. It’s sure to bring that fierce, just enough va va voom to fire up even the most simple look.

Even if you have an occasion to stop by this weekend, a fab headwrap will surely turn heads your way and if you want to add it as the perfect accessory to an already dressy get up it works too. One thing we can promise you is it will get your style attention and if you’re up for that then you’re in luck.

Ankara head wrap

Simple as a knot to the back (Pinterest)

Do it with a flattering ‘V’ overlap to secure your hair (Youtube)

Ankara headwrap

Wrap it simple (Youtube)

Try it simple, bold tidy, fierce chic, avant-garde-ish, as an updo and as daring as you can get. It can also be the perfect dome housing your big hair in the most fabulous. Basically you can go about styling it anyway you want!

Ankara head wrap

Do the dome (Pinterest)

Ankara head wrap

Go dramatic with it (Pinterest)

Ankara is one of the most versatile piece to own and as a gorgeous headwrap, yass! Not sure how to get started? First pick an inspiration above and learn ways to nail it in the short guide below.

So is it a yes to nailing the look this weekend? Share the looks you created with us.

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Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun is giving us ultra fashion-forward outfits and we are here for the slay! She makes edgy, trendy and timeless pieces look so easy to pull off. As a fashionable celebrity, we confirm she knows her onions in the style department!

We picked a few looks that give her show-stopping vibes while infusing modern trends by keeping it classy and fashionable. Her love for structured pieces with intricate and artsy details makes her even more outstanding!

Let’s see how she makes the edgy, timeless and fashion-forward style work!
#1: Corporate with a twist:

Stephanie looks edgy in a custom wax over-sized blazer by the Nigerian brand, Jzo. She paired the blazer with a wide-legged pant and corset belt. Simple, stylish and definitely fashion-forward.

Edgy, Timeless And Fashion-Forward! 5 Styles To Prove Stephanie Coker Has Got It All!

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun/Instagram

#2:  Casual style:

She kept her look simple but edgy with a thigh-high slit detail on the skirt. Her graphic “Sade-Adu” tee will definitely not go unnoticed!

Edgy, Timeless And Fashion-Forward! 5 Styles To Prove Stephanie Coker Has Got It All!

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun/Instagram

#3: Stylish in wearable art:

Handpainted outfits are in! We love her take on rocking a cut-out handpainted dress by Fruche Official, pairing it with pop socks, retro glasses and a fringe haircut.

Edgy, Timeless And Fashion-Forward! 5 Styles To Prove Stephanie Coker Has Got It All!

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun/Instagram

#4: Eccentric and still classy in RÉ Lagos:

Talk about pushing boundaries as a brand, RÉ Lagos has got the plug! Stephanie looked gorgeous in a woven vest with details by the brand. We loved the contrast of the green colours and white fur sleeves in her outfit.

Edgy, Timeless And Fashion-Forward! 5 Styles To Prove Stephanie Coker Has Got It All!

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun/Instagram

#5: Wedding guest style:

This whole look is on another level! Stephanie got on our best-dressed list at Zainab Balogun’s traditional wedding. The dress got all the trends in one clean sweep, from the embroidery to the sheer detail. She nailed this look a 100%! We look forward to more wedding guest styles stepping up their outfits like this!

Edgy, Timeless And Fashion-Forward! 5 Styles To Prove Stephanie Coker Has Got It All!

Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun/Instagram

Which of her styles is your favourite?

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Ramadan is here and as much as we want to be modest around this time, we definitely need to keep our style at a 100% and we are sharing inspirations to get you started.

Ramadan is that time for simplicity, spiritual reflection, worship and acts of charity meaning even our wardrobe has to be sorted to comply and top muslimah fashion blogger @basma_k is the perfect inspiration for this period.

It’s the perfect time to play with minimalist looks, separates and co-ords. It’s that time to whip out the kimonos, jackets, maxi dresses, the shirt dresses in neutral and pastel tones, the time to throw on those side slit kaftans on matching or contrasting pants, the pleated skirts can also come to play paired fierce with blouses.




Think neutral and earthy tones, dense fits, covered up chic by going the less is more way pairing sets with kimonos, maxis, co-ord sets, doing a fresh take on monochrome. It’s also the perfect period to matching your head wraps or turbans/scarves with a piece of your clothing for that overall modest look. You can get creative with colours by doing a matchy matchy combo, contrasting earthy tones, going for more creams, beige, browns, whites and so on depending on your preferences.




Do the hues on corporate pieces, casual chic styles, even modern trad looks and generally set a chic tone for your getup this season, are you with us?

Share your Ramadan style tips with us in the comment section you’d never know whose style you’d be influencing. Talk about influencing styles, see a list of some style influencers you should be following here.

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Acne breakouts

Sometimes the reasons for your acne breakouts is simple, You!

Acne breakouts come as a result of a build up of oil and dead skin clogging the hair follicles. The forehead, nose and chin area aka the T-zone are most prone to breakouts especially on oily skin therefore more attention should be paid to this area. We can’t stress how important having a skincare routine is using products suitable for your skin type and condition (having a skincare routine isn’t the same as overly washing or tugging at the skin, this only strips the skin of its natural goodness!) and sticking to a regimen that works for you.

Even the most perfect skin would be prone to breakouts when it’s exposed to oil, dust etc daily blocking the pores and when left uncared for flares up with blemishes.

Acne breakouts


But just like we mentioned earlier you may actually be the one causing your skin to react this way

Popping Pimples

When you see these unwanted visitors anytime, DON’T pop them. Instead apply topical creams to dry them off. As tempting as it maybe to pop them, you’d only end up pushing bacteria into the skin which is bad for it.

Can’t Keep Hands Away

If you’re a ‘face toucher’ yep, you’re causing your own breakouts. When you touch your face during the day you risk transferring germs from everywhere that hand has been to your face (eww) which we definitely cause the face to react by breaking out! Before you wash/apply anything to your face, make sure your hands are clean.

Touching your face causes breakouts (Balance Me Beautiful)

You Don’t Clean Your Phone

DO you know your phone has over 10 times the amount of germs found in toilets? Yup studies reveal that and if you’re one who don’t clean your phone regularly you may just be the reason your face is breaking out.

You Wear Makeup To Sleep

You know the drill, if you wear makeup to bed you end up clogging your pores and of course breakouts! So whatever you do, no matter how tired, take off your makeup every night and cleanse that face if you want it to remain flawless.

Acne breakouts

Not Deep Cleansing

Washing your face is different from washing it properly. You have to be sure there is no trace of makeup/oil residue left when you’re cleaning your face, if you don’t reach deep with a deep cleanser, there are chances you’d breakout especially if you have oily skin.

Your Hairstyle

If your hair falls on your face you are definitely causing your own skin issues this is because oils and products from your hair get on your face and clogs your pores resulting in serious breakouts.

A lot more from using too much products, not handling the delicate facial skin gently and other factors are reasons you break out often, if you want this to stop you’ve got to pay more attention!

Which ones are you guilty of? Share your acne breakouts stories and how you tackle them below. If you have blemished skin, see products that can work for you here.

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Style influencers are the perfect ones to look up to when interpreting looks. It’s safe to say they ‘show us the style way’ when it comes to putting looks together and because they do effortlessly, they are ones to ‘influence style’ (see what we did there!)

There are a lot of style influencers these days thanks to the ‘gram that has become the hub for all things including fashion but not everyone can hold their own where throwing pieces together fab is involved but these ones know a thing or two about pulling styles uber so effortlessly.

@Style Pantry

Folake Huntoon @stylepantry is the holy grail of style inspiration. This foremost fashion blogger has become a force for fashion inspiration. Her looks are effortless and she never gets it wrong. Her looks work and her signature big hair easily stands her out. Her impressive background in fashion designing and styling easily sets her apart. She can go from chic casual to fierce corporate right back to sporty chic and more in a heartbeat, if you’re not following her, we don’t know what you’ve been doing!


Monica Awe-Etuk @awedbymoni doesn’t it eternally chic and classy, think clean, fuss free lines. She pays attention to every detail killing a look after the other. One of her superpowers has to be styling tee shirts as part of a classy look. She’s definitely out there!


Jennifer Oseh @theladyvhodka gets our attention everytime. She’s fierce, vibrant, playful and unconventional. Her styles are for the confident woman and what she does with prints; eternally chic.


Dodos Uvieghara @iamdodos_style is a bit laidback and we’re here for her minimalist offerings, the popular makeup artiste and style blogger does pretty functional looks and the way she’s made black and white monochromatic looks work is a record she holds. She’s an inspiration for cool and eternally chic styles.


Ringing in Aderinola Odugbesan-Thomas @derinfromisaleeko is the perfect inspiration for pint size ladies who want to stand out. Her unique take on co-ords and androgynous looks are A1. She knows a lot about styling tricky pieces too.


Stella Uzo @jadorefashion has an appeal that speaks chic with every look. The uber stylish lady put together versatile achievable looks that works for everyday wear. Her style is clean, effortless, chic and simple.


Hanifa Abubakar @haniiiifa rings in modest styling. Her style is oh so chic and clean. She keeps it simple and effortless. Her minimalist way is intensely appealing.


Hafsat Mohammed @hafymo is the cool kid of minimalist styling, she does it clean and chic without fuss. She can style just about anything and looks good in it. She’s definitely out there.

There are so many influencers who wrap up looks nicely but tell us who are your favourites? Are you following any of ours

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Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Slay Even When It's Raining!

Natural hair care tips vary, especially when the seasons change. What you do when it’s dry isn’t the same as what you do when its raining. Steps change, routines might intensify and you generally need to be more attentive!
Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Slay Even When It's Raining!

(Curls Understood)

Rainy season comes with a host of red flags that you need to be aware of. And we’ve got them all right here!

  1. Rain water is not only dirty, but acidic and brings humidity. That’s why you need to be more vigilant when it comes to cleaning your hair. During the rainy season, your hair is exposed to more dirt and dust, and this could lead to itchy scalp, breakage, brittle hair, dandruff etc. The key is to wash the hair more often, even more than you do on a regular basis. And if you find yourself under the rain, wash your hair immediately you get home.
  2. The humidity can make your hair frizzy ad brittle so it is important to condition immediately after a wash. Avoid adding chemicals to your hair by using a mild conditioner like a vinegar rinse, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil massage.
    Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Slay Even When It's Raining!


  3. Cover your hair up as much as possible. Loose hair gets dirty easier and so it should be covered up more. Covering up the hair is also great because rain water can weaken the hair shaft and lead to hair loss.
    Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Slay Even When It's Raining!


  4. When it’s the rainy season, it is best to avoid styling products like gels, hair serum and the likes. The chemicals from these products make the hair flat, greasy and will attract more dirt from the atmosphere. All these products can also lead to infections, itchiness and dandruff.
  5. Last but definitely not the least, drink plenty of water. It might seem like you have enough water around you, but nothing leads to healthy hair like drinking lots of water.

Share your healthy natural hair care tips with us! And if you have 4c hair, here’s an easy natural hairstyle for the weekend!

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When you think of a white dress the first thing that might come to mind is a wedding dress but white dresses are not restricted to weddings.

The Little Black dress is an essential in every lady’s wardrobe as well as the little white dress.

READ – These 6 Chic Ways Of Styling A Little Black Dress Is The Instant Upgrade Your Wardrobe Need

White dresses come in different designs and textures and here are 5 ways you can style one without looking like a bride.

1. Go for matching white shoes like Rihanna

rihanna little white dress2. Pair it with a Jacket, preferably denim.

3. A Bodycon dress and statement accessories is another way to go

how to style a white dress

4. A babydoll white dress and lace-up heels are simple and elegant

5.  A little white dress with ruffle details paired with statement accessories is giving us retro vibes

how to style a white dress

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Short hair is in! Like they say a lady is about to change her life when she cuts her hair and we couldn’t agree more and don’t listen to those who say it’s cheaper to maintain because it’s really not!

Short hair gives you confidence, boosts your self esteem. To get the big chop you have to be super sure you can carry it so this does a huge boost for how you feel about yourself and when you get the perfect stylist, oh my days! It’s a match made in heaven.

To get the big chop first of all, your hair has to be in great shape from the edges, the texture, colour and type everything has to work to get the desired look. (Some people however do the big chop as a result of damaged hair if this is the case, you need to work closely with your stylist for treatment options)

short hair


With haircut like this, you don’t need to do much styling on a daily basis as you can decide to rock as it is, style as curly, get it straightened out and keep slick and neat, whatever you decide to do make sure it suits your personality and everyday look.

Get inspired by these fierce ladies if you decide to get a haircut

Dimma Umeh
short hair


The beauty vlogger got a big chop recently and has been rocking the *bleep* out of the look and totally works for her. She even shared an everyday styling video, see below.



Iamdodos loves her minimalist looks and her haircut is one she’s had on forever, she styles it simple and frames her face just perfect.

Tiwa Savage


Tiwa Savage recently got a haircut and she’s showing it off at any chance she gets and we totally love the look on her too. Fierce!

Nancy Isime


Nancy Isime has fun with her look, hey she’s blonde and the hair suits her well.

Lola OJ


Lola OJ makes you love short slicked back hair. She gets creative with her looks so she’s not in the least boring.

Are you looking to get a cut soon? Let’s hook you up with @patricksbeautyzone, let him know we sent you from ZUMI, don’t forget to share results.

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Black tie event

What to wear to a black tie event? We’re breaking this down for you in a bit. It’s about to be full on events season in Lagos Nigeria and you know what that means; interpreting dress codes! But we’ve got you covered.

Black tie event simply put is an event happening after 6pm. It’s a fancy kind of party (the ones you call up your PR bestie for invite). So you get invited to a Lagos party and dress code says ‘black tie optional’ we’ve got you today!

Black tie event


Black tie is usually a dress code for functions that start after 6pm. The intricacies of this look applies more to men. The ones who may own or may not own a tuxedo but for women this simply means wearing a dress.

If the invitation says ‘black tie preferred’ you’re supposed to appear formal and elegant. For the most part if it says ‘black tie mandatory’ then its strictly a black tie aka formal event. A woman in this case has options with her dress, she can opt for a full length or a cocktail dress but it’s appropriate for the style to not be revealing. It can be glamorous but definitely not slutty.

Black tie

Toke Makinwa goes bold with her evening styles

For women to be spot on go for a glam floor length dress making sure its weather and venue appropriate, fits great and the fabric is elegant but by all means stay away from stretchy fabrics.  Choose elegant earrings according to your hairstyle; if for instance your hair is packed in a sleek ponytail/updo you can go for sparkly statement earrings as accessory. With this look, a clutch with a pretty but comfortable pair of heels will also make great accessories. Remember to keep the glitz and shine minimal, classy and elegant.

Black tie

For men Tuxedo jackets either full length, single or double breasted or 3-piece suit is perfect for the occasion. The tuxedo shirt, patent dress shoe and bowtie should also be the right fit. Men can make a statement splurging on cufflinks, pocket squares or lapel pins to stand out.


Of course you can’t go wrong in the traditional black, midnight blue may also be an option depending on what vibes more with your personal style. So there you are sorted for your next black tie event. So the next time you get an invitation saying black tie optional, black tie preferred or optional you know what to do and by all means bring your kind of edginess to it!

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