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Senator Ademola Adeleke, governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, is currently leading the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola in the total number of votes scored in the results announced so far.

Out of the results of the 15 local government areas announced so far, Adeleke polled 126,475 votes while Oyetola trails him with 110,775 votes.

The results of the remaining local governments are being read but supporters of the PDP candidate have claimed victory and are celebrating in front of the INEC office in Osogbo where the results are being announced.

The result of Osogbo and Olorunda Local Government Areas which have the highest number of votes are yet to be announced.

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Seasoned worshiper, chorister and minister of the word of God Muvhuso Carol Madzinge Drops Her Latest Live Gospel Album Titled A Kingdom Song (Live).

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World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua selected his belts IBF, WBA and WBO by beating Russia’s Alexander Povetkin by a stoppage of the referee on Saturday at Wembley, before perhaps the expected shock against Deontay Wilder in April.

By beating his official challenger, the Briton has opened the way for a mega-fight against Wilder, WBC title holder since January 2015. But before that, the American will have to get rid in December of the British Tyson Fury, who returns from A desert crossing after being stripped of his titles WBA, IBF and WBO, won in November 2015 against Wladimir Klitschko.

In the meantime, Joshua did his part of the job by defeating Povetkin, WBA champion from 2011 to 2013, and further improving his superb record with a 22nd win in 22 fights.

The darling of the public made a sensational entrance into the enclosure, dedicated to his cause. Flames, fireworks, music, platform to lift him above the crowd, the Olympic champion of the London Olympics was welcomed as a true rock star by a full and delirious Wembley.

Did this pressure disrupt him at the beginning of the fight? “AJ” has in any case suffered in the first rounds. He explained before the fight that the Olympic champion of the Athens Olympics had the “best left hook of the world”. He was able to see it in real life in the first round.

From the start, Povetkin managed a devastating sequence, with two strokes that carried and a left hook that hit the British hard on the nose.

The Russian continued his dominance in the second and third rounds, taking advantage of his speed to return some violent blows in the custody of Joshua, much larger (2.08 m against 1.90 m).

But at the turn of the fourth round, “AJ” began to read the Russian better, showing all his maturity so as not to panic. After returning to the fight in the next two rounds, he unleashed all his power on Povetkin, who had lost only once in his career, in points against the immense Wladimir Klitschko.

If Joshua fearing the left of the Russian, it is yet he who put his opponent down with this shot. By sending a huge hook, then combining with another big right hook, he sent Povetkin to the mat.

The Russian came back, but sounded, he received a new volley before the referee stopped the fight a few seconds later, under a standing ovation from Wembley, delighted by his darling’s victory.

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The Independent National Electoral Commission has started announcing the official results of the Osun State governorship election of Osun state.

The result will be announced for each of the 30 local councils of the state.

Final collation will be done on Sunday at the state headquarters in Osogbo.

Below is a list of the the Osun State election results already announced at the INEC headquarters in Osogbo:

Ede North Local Government 

ADC 89

ADP 758

APC 7,025

PDP 18,745

SDP 1,380

Olorunda Local Government 
ADC = 335

ADP = 1,409

APC = 16,254

PDP = 9,850

SDP = 7,061

Ife Central Local Government 
ADC = 194

ADP = 1,053

APC = 6,957

PDP = 3200

SDP = 20,494

Irewole Local Government 
ADP = 1,915

APC = 10,049

PDP = 13,848

SDP = 1,142

Ayedaade Local Government 

ADC: 145

ADP: 1654

APC: 10861

PDP: 9836

SDP: 2096

Odo Otin Local Government 

ADC = 1,034

ADP = 1,112

APC = 9,996

PDP = 9,879

Isokan Local Government 

ADC = 56
ADP = 682
APC = 7,297
PDP = 9,048
SDP = 3,460

Ila Local Government 

ADC 96
ADP 183
APC 8403
PDP 8241
SDP 3134

Irepodun Local Government 

ADC: 158
ADP: 2534
APC: 6517
PDP: 8058
SDP: 4846

Ejigbo Local Government 

ADP: 592
APC: 14779
PDP: 11116
SDP: 4803

Oriade Local Government 

ADC: 109
ADP: 1224
APC: 9778
PDP: 10109
SDP: 2265

Ilesa West Local Government 

ADC: 127
ADP: 2363
APC: 7251
PDP: 8286
SDP: 2408

Boripe Local Government 

ADC 137
ADP 1137
APC 11655
PDP 6892
SDP 2730

Ilesa East Local Government 

ADC: 188
ADP: 1275
APC: 9790
PDP: 8244
SDP: 372

Obokun Local Government 

ADC: 106
ADP: 663
APC: 7229
PDP: 10859
SDP: 1907

Orolu Local Government 

ADC: 79
ADP: 388
APC: 5,442
PDP: 7,776
SDP: 2,043

Ede South Local Government

ADC: 83
ADP: 357
APC: 4,512
PDP: 16,693
SDP: 855

Ifedayo Local Government
ADC: 52
ADP: 176
APC: 3,182
PDP: 3,374
SDP: 1,377

Atakumosa West Local Government
ADC: 106
ADP: 718
APC: 5,019
PDP: 5,401
SDP: 1,570

Boluwaduro Local Government
ADC: 69
ADP: 858
APC: 3,843
PDP: 3,779
SDP: 1,766

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Mules are back with a bang!

Mules have been around since the 90’s maybe even earlier so it’s nothing new. But as we all know by now fashion is cyclical and just as well, because mules have taken centre stage in 2018 and we’re totally here for it.



We wonder a bit how this shoe style came about and we think that someone probably threw a pair of pumps, a sandal and a boot into a cooking pot and voila! Mules were the result. We kid. What we mean is that they seem like a mix of those shoe types. They come in various interesting and sometimes quirky styles and designs, so it might be tricky to incorporate them into your outfit without looking weird. 



Not to worry though, we have some style inspirations that will get you strutting in mules in no time. You can thank us later.

1. Boss Chic

This shoes are the perfect combination to the culottes which stop just below the knees. Also, the colour red worn with black and white is the perfect slay combo any day.



2. Prints Came Out To Play On This One But The Shoes Are The Star Of The Game. Certainly Not For The Faint Hearted


Mules Worn With A Bubu Or Maxi Dress


Paired With Joggers

Sportswear have found their way into everyday fashion, and the mules worn with this outfit pulls the whole look together.



Paired With A Leather Jacket And A Skater Skirt That Stops Just Above The Knee Makes For A Retro Chic Look


Everything About This Outfit Just Screams Fabulous!

The asymmetrical hem of the shirt, with the skinny jeans paired with the transparent mules. We definitely approve.



The Embellishments On This One With The Frayed Hem Of The Jeans Have A Rock-star Vibe, But The Blazer Pulls It All Together


Also check out ways to style ripped jeans effortlessly.



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Cardi B

We all know Cardi B for sure. She says it like it is and doesn’t let your opinion stop her. The new mom and acclaimed female rapper is on a roll, but her blunt and straight to the point personality only makes her more endearing to her fans.

And her facial expressions are epic! There’s practically one to suit any mood you find yourself in:

The ‘I really couldn’t care less’ face
Cardi B

(Photo: Tenor)

That’s how you act when you’re done being nice and taking rubbish from random people who don’t matter to you in the grand scheme of things.

The ‘About To Spill The Tea Face’
Cardi B

(Photo: Giphy)

How you make small shakara before you finally spill that gist with your friends. They will beg you before you talk!

The ‘this is my nice face’ look. No really, this is how it looks like.
Cardi B

(Photo: Tenor)

When people say you’re being unnecessarily harsh and you’re not understanding.

When you think about your life and how you never esperred this adulting life to be like this
Cardi B

(Photo: Memes Monkey)

When you’re feeling emotional, but you realize you’re going to have to toughen up and pay attention because those bills won’t pay themselves.

This one happens to us ALL the time! How about you?

Meanwhile, we think Cardi B and Offset just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Check it out.



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5 Bad Bathroom Habits That Prove You're Showering Wrong!

Bad bathroom habits are more common than you think. We understand there’s nothing like taking a long bath, washing your hair and relaxing in your bathrobe. But did you know that these seemingly harmless tasks could be really damaging to your skin?

For example, scrubbing your feet every day after you shower is very important. Due to how much dirt flows from your body to your feet you’re at risk of foot fungus and bacteria. Simply taking a few minutes to wash them after a shower can go a long way in caring for your feet.

We bet you didn’t know that huh? Here are 5 more bad bathroom habits we can bet you didn’t know either.

1. Leaving your sponge in the shower
Bad Bathroom Habits


It is very common for us to hang our sponges somewhere in the bathroom after a bath. But did you know that if you don’t rinse off your sponge well and ensure it’s dry, it could lead to skin issues? When your sponge is wet, it creates the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to thrive. Ensure your sponge is not only rinsed properly but also rung dry and stored in a clean place.

2.  Cleaning your body too harshly

We get it, you want to be dry. But harshly or vigorously drying your skin isn’t great for your skin at all. This could lead to the dry and irritated skin which could lead to excessive dryness and acne. Most people prefer to air dry the body but that isn’t great either as it could lead to chaffing.

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The solution is to use a fluffy cotton towel and pat your skin dry as opposed to rubbing.

3. Delaying moisturizing after showers
Bad Bathroom Habits

Photo: Refinery29

You know those times when you step out of the shower, into a bathrobe and on to the sofa? Yea, you need to stop that. When you’re done bathing, and your skin is still damp, it is in the best condition to receive a moisturizer. So as soon as you step out of the shower, grab that lotion and do your skin some good before catching up with Power.

4. Taking long showers

We know, this is a huge bummer. But it is for your own good. Experts suggest that taking shorter baths are much better for the skin. Long baths where your skin starts to shrivel up can lead to loss of natural oil in the skin. Instead, keep your baths between 5 – 10 minutes and you’re good to go.

5. Using only hot water
Bad Bathroom Habits

Photo: Yahoo

if you’re a fan of hot showers, nothing do you. But be sure to blast your skin with cold water right before you step out of the shower. This simple trick has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, fat burning and has anti-depressing effects.

These bad bathroom habits are only a few and have loads of comrades you’re probably still doing.

Take a step back from your daily routine and examine which parts need to go. And check out something else about showering that will shock you!

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shoe colours

These shoe colours are just what you need to slay without breaking the bank!

First of all we’ll like to say that no woman can have too many shoes. Now that’s out of the way, even though we’ll all like to have shoes in every colour to match every outfit, having a room full of shoes might not be convenient at this time. Worry not! We’ve worked out the five shoe colours you need to meet your style needs.

  1. The Basic Black Shoes

Black shoes are a wardrobe staple for every woman because they go pretty much with any outfit making sure to invest in a good pair of pumps in a heel height you’re comfortable with.

(shoe colours)


2. Brown Shoes

A brown pair of shoes is a great alternative for those days when black might be too boring or also just predictable. And the great thing about brown is that they come in different shades. From coffee to tan and all that’s in-between, pick a shade that works well with your skintone.

Shoe colours


3. Nude Shoes

Nude shoes are an absolute must have for several reasons. They are very stylish and classy and they go with almost anything. Interestingly, they can also make your legs appear longer. For the perfect look, be sure to get a colour that compliments your skin tone.

(Shoe colours)


4. Mettalic Shoes

Mettalic shoes are great because they add an instant oomph to your outfit. You can get a basic outfit from drab to fab just by wearing one. Also, they work best for weddings and special occasions when you want to make a statement.

Shoe Colours


5. Shoe With Colourful Prints

We love printed shoes because they are so much fun and they come in a variety of exciting patterns. From florals to stripes and animal prints, you’ll also love the vibe it gives to your wardrobe. Worn with solid colours, they’ll instantly perk up your outfit. For a more edgy look, feel free to do a print clash with your outfit.

Shoe colours


Looking to style your shoes fierce? Check out these trendy handbags you’re sure to love.



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Watch Yemi Alade Receive Luxury Gifts From Her Man In The Video For 'Oh My Gosh' ZUMI

Yemi Alade just dropped the video of her latest song ‘Oh My Gosh’ and it is giving us all the feels!

Mama Africa, as Yemi Alade is popularly called, released a new video earlier today and with the lively Ankara outfits in this video, we are already taking screenshots for our tailors.

The video is set mostly in a beautiful mansion where Yemi Alade receives two cars as proof of how much her man loves and appreciates her.  Yemi Alade’s friends/dancers play the perfect supporting role, as she sings about how committed she is to this man that makes her say “Oh My Gosh”.

Watch Yemi Alade Receive Luxury Gifts From Her Man In The Video For 'Oh My Gosh' ZUMI

(Photo: Youtube/Yemi Alade VEVO)

It looks like the ultimate girls’ hangout as they move from the staircase to the mansion grounds smiling, singing, and dancing. Whether they’re hanging by the pool or cruising down the road, there is an overload of genuine fun and beauty in every shot.

Watch Yemi Alade Receive Luxury Gifts From Her Man In The Video For 'Oh My Gosh' ZUMI

(Photo: Youtube/Yemi Alade VEVO)

The video begins and end with that element of humour that is characteristic of all Yemi Alade’s music videos.

The fun in this ‘Oh My Gosh’ video is so contagious, it will have you smiling for days! Watch the fun video for the catchy song below

Speaking of colourful videos, you should totally check out Tekno’s latest song,”Choko



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